The Library is Open! To protect patrons who cannot get vaccinated, we request that you continue to wear masks and social distance when inside the library and at all in-person programs.

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Get a Library Card

Fill out this form to speed up the process of getting your library card. Proof of residence or schooling in the Sag Harbor Union Free School District is required for a card. Acceptable documents for proof of residence are included in a list below this form. Please bring your proof of residence documentation to the library within 30 days of filling out this form to receive your free library card. After 30 days, cards that are not picked up are deleted from our system. We cannot give out barcodes via email or phone. 

  • For P.O. Boxes, please include that information in the first or second address line.
  • Descriptions of the Proof of Residence documents required for each type of card are listed below this form.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Proof of Residence Documents

All residents of the Sag Harbor Union Free School District are eligible to receive a John Jermain Memorial Library Card for free. Please bring a picture ID with proof of a local street address, or one of the other acceptable combinations below, to the library to get your library card. Library cards are valid for three years, unless the patron is living on a rental property, in which case the library card will be valid until the date their lease expires. The following are acceptable forms of proof for adult (18+) and juvenile cards.


A picture ID and proof of local street address.

  • A valid driver’s license or a state issued identification card with picture showing a name and local street address or Sag Harbor post office box number.

If the picture ID doesn’t show a local street address or PO Box, one of the following additional items is acceptable as proof of address with a picture ID (the following document must include a name that matches the picture ID and a local address/PO Box to qualify):

  • a current utility bill 
  • a current property tax bill
  • a lease or letter from your landlord including your local address (minimum 30 day lease/rental from date of card request)
  • For a temporary card: A letter from a registered John Jermain Library patron that states the registered patron is hosting this visitor for at least 30 days and will be fully responsible for all materials borrowed and all replacement costs for lost or damaged items accumulated on the visitor’s temporary card. Temporary cards are issued for periods more than 30 days but less than one year. 

Other documents may be accepted at the Library Director’s discretion. 

For Students and Juveniles

Juvenile card holders may borrow any materials from the library except movies rated PG 13 or R. Parents can waive this restriction by filling out a form agreeing their child can have a juvenile card with adult privileges, which has no restrictions for checking out materials. While we are fine free, parents or legal guardians are responsible for all replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Children who attend school in the Sag Harbor Union Free School District are eligible for a card even if they and their guardians do not live within the school district. 

Proof of residence for a Juvenile Card:

  • A parent or legal guardian with an existing John Jermain Library card, or an adult who has the proof of residence documents for the adult card, can bring their child in to get a juvenile card.
  • High School students with valid school ID.
  • Proof of matriculation in a Sag Harbor school, such as a report card or other official documentation that includes the child’s name and the school’s name.