The Library Building is Closed.

John Jermain began a temporary closure starting March 13, but our online services are still available. For updated information on the library and COVID-19, please visit our FAQ page or follow our blog, It’s Germane.

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Patron Behavior Policy

Patrons are encouraged to read, study and use library materials, and to take part in programs or similar activities associated with the use of a public library. Any person not so engaged may be required to leave the library premises. Patrons are prohibited from engaging in any activity which constitutes an annoyance, disruption or distraction to other patrons and the orderly and peaceful utilization of the library and library premises such as:

interfering with other patrons’ reasonable expectation of privacy

interfering with Library staff’s performance of their duties

leaving children under the age of ten (10) unattended on the premises

using harassing, obscene, abusive, or insulting language or gestures

causing a disturbance by arguing, propagandizing, or proselytizing

soliciting, gambling, distributing leaflets or petitions, congregating, or sleeping in the library or on library premises

engaging in loud or boisterous activities

consuming food or beverages outside of designated areas

smoking or vaping in the building or within a fifty-foot radius of any entrance or exit

skateboarding on Library premises

listening to music, movies, or other audio content without the use of headphones

improperly using Library restrooms or facilities, for example bathing, shaving, laundering.

possessing, distributing, or consuming alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances or misusing legal substances such as glue or prescription medications. 

possessing or using a dangerous weapon

damaging, defacing, destroying, or stealing any material, equipment, or property belonging to the library 

accessing the Library’s restricted staff network and/or the proprietary data stored thereon without permission, or using the Library’s public network for criminal purposes or to violate the privacy of others

rearranging library shelving, furnishings or furniture, or using it improperly, including sitting on or putting feet on tables, or excessive spreading of personal effects including computing devices, bags, clothing and papers.

connecting more than two personal computing devices at any time to the Library’s wireless network

talking on cell phones in other than designated areas

entering the building without footwear as well as both upper and lower body covering

evidencing bodily hygiene so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other persons

bringing any pets, with the exception of service dogs as allowed under The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislation.

Library personnel will enforce these rules. Patrons not complying will be asked to leave. Library personnel are authorized to contact the police to ensure compliance.

For the purposes of this policy “The Library” refers to the John Jermain building, as well as its digital and offsite presence; these rules for patron behavior apply in all current and evolving settings, both physical and virtual. Any patron who violates the library rules and regulations may be denied the privilege of access to the Library, its programs, and its electronic accounts by the Library Board of Trustees, on recommendation of the Library Director.

Approved December 2018; amended April 2020