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There are library programs happening for all ages every week right now- they’re just online! While we sometimes use other platforms like Facebook Live, most programs are happening using Zoom. If you’re new to Zoom, don’t worry! Follow these directions and tips and you’ll be attending programs with us, your friendly neighborhood librarians, in no time. And remember, you can call in to many programs using just your phone!

Setting Up Zoom

If you are a first time user, get ready at least 10 minutes before your first event. You may be asked to download and install Zoom Client on your computer, or create a free Zoom account with your email. If you’d like, you can do these in advance by visiting www.zoom.us. For a zoom account, all you need is your name, an email you check, and a good password. That’s it!

Attending A Program

1. If registration is required, register! To register, visit our online calendar at johnjermain.org/calendar and click on your event. Then, follow the prompts to register, and the links to join will be sent straight to your email. Events in our newsletter that have RR next to the title require registration.

2. Be prompt! About 5 minutes before the program, sit down with your device and click the link to join. You will enter a Waiting Room, and when the event starts a library employee will let you into the program. Please note that if you try to join 15 minutes late or more, you may not be admitted to the program.

3. You’ll be muted at first. When everyone joins, their camera should be off and mics will be muted. Unless the host says you should feel free to unmute, it is best Zoom ‘etiquette’ to use the Chat function to ask questions (usually linked at the bottom of your screen, or if on a smartphone, tap your screen to get more options).

4. Confused about what to do? It’s OK! At the beginning of each program, a library employee will greet everyone and give a quick intro to the program, and go over any Zoom controls you may need to participate, such as how to mute and unmute, use the chat function, and more. Eventually, as you join us for more programs, this will become old news to you!

5. Enjoy yourself! We look forward to seeing you in our many online programs. For any questions or help regarding Zoom, you can visit Zoom’s help center for tutorials and helpful videos, or email us at info@johnjermain.org— we’re happy to help.

Quick Tips

1. For most programs, you can call in for “Audio Only.” Many of our programs are available with a call-in option, meaning you don’t need a computer, tablet, or smartphone to participate. If a meeting has a call in option, use your cell phone or landline to call this number: 1 (646) 558-8656. When prompted, enter the meeting ID and/or password as seen in the online event listing. Then you can listen to the program from your phone. It’s almost like a radio program!

2. You don’t need a fancy computer to join online. You don’t even need a camera unless you want us to see you. To join with video, all you need is a reliable device, like a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, with good internet or cell phone service. Please note that if you are trying to unmute yourself or use your camera but it’s not working, your device might not have a camera or microphone. You can purchase an external microphone or webcam to use these Zoom features, or you can just observe and interact with your questions in chat!

3. There are rules for your safety. Attendees who violate our Patron Behavior Policy (PBP) will be expelled from meetings for the safety of all patrons. For children’s events, only those who are attending with children are permitted to attend.

That’s it! We hope to see you in our next program. Enjoy!

JJML offers a variety of programs to meet the educational and entertainment needs of our community. In line with our mission, these programs—and our collections—represent a broad range of ideas and opinions reflecting the diversity of the community. Children, teens and adults of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome at JJML in accordance with our Patron Behavior Policy. The library reserves the right to remove any patron from a program (in-person or virtual) if they are behaving inappropriately and are in violation of our Patron Behavior Policy.
Opting into an online library program assumes your acceptance of the risks in using Zoom or another platform, and that you hold the library harmless for any security or privacy breach due to the use of these platforms.

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