Winter Reading Challenge

Calling all readers! Sign-up for our winter reading clubs starts today! The Adult, Teen, and Children’s departments are hosting awesome reading challenges from now until February 14th. If you love to read, or are looking motivation to pick up more books this month, come to the library and sign up! 

How Does it Work?

Getting signed up is easy!

  1. Come by the circulation desk (downstairs for children and teens, first floor for adults) to register and pick up your bingo reading sheet
  2. Keep track of each book you read on your sheet.
  3. Next time you visit the library, bring your sheet(s) with you and we’ll help you check off the right bingo box.
  4. Get your prize or raffle ticket!

Each department has different challenges, and different prizes! Skip to your section to learn more.


Where to Sign up: First Floor Circulation Desk

Open book on a table with a woman in a sweater holding a latteThe 2019 Adult Winter Reading Challenge has a bunch of fun, and of course challenging, categories this year. From “read a childhood classic you never read,” to “read a book by or about an activist,” you’ll find joy in discovering something new and the comfort of old favorites. Each time you come back with a new book completed on your sheet, you’ll get a raffle ticket for one of our fabulous prizes- get BINGO and get 5 bonus raffle tickets! Prizes include gift certificates to local Sag Harbor stores, and a chance to win a bundle of free books!

Teens, Grades 6-12


This year, sign up for Teen Winter Readingland! Get raffle tickets for books you’d be reading anyway, and enter some raffles for awesome prizes! Categories this year range from “read a book with a red cover” to fun categories like “read a book by an author who shares the same initials” and “re-read a favorite book. And did we mention you can get bingo for things other than readying too? Earn extra spots by following @JJMLteens on Instagram or attending a YA program! Check back at the teen desk regularly and get one raffle ticket for every book read- and 5 bonus raffle tickets for BINGO! Prizes include a bean bag, gift cards, and a mystery grand prize!


where to Sign up: Children’s reference desk

There are two categories for the Children’s Winter Reading Wonderland Club this year- one for children ages 2-5, and one for children ages 6-11. Both are fun, and both have prizes- read below for the details!

Polar Bears, Ages 2-5

black and white photo of a parent reading to a child in their homeChildren ages 2-5 are welcome to become a Polar Bear and have fun with their reading bingo! These little cubs will earn one prize from the prize bin (up to 8 total) for each challenge completed on the bingo board. Polar Bears will also get a raffle ticket on the day they register, and one raffle ticket when they get bingo. Complete the whole board, and the cubs get 3 bonus raffle tickets! There are two raffle choices for Polar Bears, and one is a stack of free books!

Icebreakers, Ages 6-11

All kids ages 6-11 are welcome to become Icebreakers! Kids will get a free raffle ticket on the day they register, and one for every other challenge they complete on their bingo sheet. If they get bingo (3 across, 3 diagonal, or 4 down), they’ll get 5 bonus tickets- black out the whole bingo board and get 10 extra tickets! Categories include fun challenges such as “read a friend’s favorite book,” “attend a library program,” and “read aloud to someone else!” (hint: they can read to Wally the Reading Dog for this one!). There are four raffle choices for Icebreakers, including a mystery prize!

As a final bonus, all Icebreakers who register and participate in the reading challenge are invited to attend a celebration on Valentine’s day (February 14) from 5-8 PM, with pizza, dessert, and a movie- no caregiver required! (with a signed permission slip. Icebreakers only, no siblings please). 

Final Thoughts

These Winter Reading Challenges are fun ways to get reading this season, and stretch us out of our reading comfort zone. Try something new, and challenge yourself while getting the change to win fabulous prizes. Sign up started today, January 10, and runs into February, but the earlier you start, the more chances you’ll have to win big! The last day to report your reading will be February 13th, and raffle winners will be pulled on February 14th. Good luck, and happy reading!

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