The Board of Trustees of the John Jermain Memorial Library will hold is Regular Monthly Meeting on July 17th at 6:00 pm in the Gloria Primm Brown Friends of the Library Community Room. Click here for more information or to view the meeting virtually.

What's Happening Outside the Library?

Most of the action at John Jermain takes place inside where you’ll find an exciting array of books, programs, CDs, DVDs, research assistance, free WIFI and public computers.  But for the next few weeks there will be lots of activity outside as well.  As part of our ongoing commitment to the restoration of our historic building, our preservationists and structural engineers are examining the stability and condition of the limestone cornice.  In order to determine the health of the supports keeping the cornice in place, we will be removing a small section of the limestone. In order to facilitate that process, we are erecting scaffolding and cribbing.  In order to get those materials on site, we have temporarily removed four of the granite blocks forming the knee wall along our southern property line. And in order to do that we have filed an encumbrance permit with the Village of Sag Harbor!  This scenario may read a little bit like a reverse version of the “House that Jack Built”  but from here it’s a very exciting project!

Update: More photos can be seen on our Flickr Page.

Removing the curbing.
Removing the curbing
Setting the base for the cribbing
Setting the base for the cribbing

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