Vacation Time

Lots of people use the quiet months of the winter to go away.  If you find you can’t -it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try another alternative.  Take some books out from the Library.  If you always wanted to go to Italy. Treat yourself to a weekend in Italy without the packing and long lines and customs.  You can get an Italian cookbook and try some different recipes.  Get an Italian language tape or book and practice your Italian even with simple phrases.  Borrow a couple of DVD’s something Italian or something that puts you in the Italian frame of mind.  Under the Tuscan Sun, The Italian Job or the Da Vinci code. are some that might entertain.  There also dvd’s about traveling around different cities or countries-if we don’t have it we can borrow it.  There is alot to be said for traveling without leaving the comfort of your own bed.  Now if you are going away we can help find information on any destination and we would love to help. Ciao!

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