U. S. Census 2020

The Library recognizes the importance of the 2020 Census, which counts every person residing in the U.S., regardless of immigration status and citizenship. 

Why Participate in the U. S. Census? 
Filling out the U.S. Census helps get an accurate count of how many people live in Suffolk County. These numbers are extremely important in determining how federal funds are allocated to different parts of the United States. Funding is used for schools, hospitals, roads and other vital programs. Responding to the questionnaire helps your community get the proper funding for important programs.

Where Can I Respond?
Postcards will be mailed to your address with an invitation code. Responses will be accepted online. You are welcome to use our public computers, and a librarian is available to help you.

Census Timeline:

  • March 12-10 Households receive invite to respond online to the Census
  • March 16-24 Households will receive reminder letters
  • March 26-April 3 If a household hasn’t responded to the Census, it will receive a reminder postcard
  • April 8-16 If a household has not responded, it will receive a reminder letter and paper questionnaire
  • April 20-27 If a household has not responded, it will receive a reminder postcard
  • July 31 Last day to complete the 2020 Census questionnaire

If you need assistance completing your 2020 Census questionnaire, please call or visit the library. We’re here to help.

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