Thank You Sag Harbor!

The votes have been tallied from today’s vote with the following results:

BUDGET passed with an 83% yes vote
Yes: 173
No:   34
Trustees running for two-year terms, with the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes elected to office:
1) Gloria Brown: 186 votes
2) Bill McCoy: 175 votes
Write-ins for two-year term:
Trustees running for three-year terms, with the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes elected to office:
1) Ann Sutphen 152 votes
2) Daniel Glass 129 votes

3) Diane Deger 124 votes

4) Steven Reiner 110 votes

Write-ins for three-year term:
Eric Glandbard 1
Deidre Guest 1
My thanks to the community for their overwhelming support of the library’s mission, to the candidates for their belief in the future of public libraries, and to my board and colleagues—past and present—they make this library sing. I am honored to have worked with you all.
Catherine Creedon,

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