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Did you know that you can subscribe to the John Jermain Memorial Library’s online calendar of events so that you’ll always have the most updated version of the calendar available to you without having to visit JJML’s website?

This is accomplished using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), but don’t worry if you don’t know what RSS is or how to use it, we’ll explain all. Once you’re subscribed to the “feed” You can add it to your browser, a stand-alone feed reader or one of the many popular websites that support RSS feeds including, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Bloglines and more. In the example below, we show you how to add the feed to Internet Explorer 7’s “Favorites Center.” Here’s how:

Open Internet Explorer (must be version 7.0 or higher) and navigate to You can also get there by visiting the Library’s home page ( and clicking on the Calendar link in the menu on the left. Once you’re there, look for the “RSS buttons” on the left side of the page. They’re circled in red in the illustration below.

RSS Buttons on JJML Calendar of Events

In this example we will click on the top button, the one labeled RSS 2.0. That will open the calendar’s RSS Feed page, a section of which is pictured below.

The JJML Calendar of Events' RSS Feed Page

Now click on the link that says “Subscribe to this feed,” which is circled in red above. A small box (see below) will open on the screen with all the relevant information already filled in. You can change the name of the feed to JJML Calendar or something similar if you wish, otherwise leave everything as is and click on “Subscribe”.

JJML's Calendar of Events RSS Subscription Dialog Box

You will then see a confirmation message indicating that you have successfully subscribed the feed.

Now lets test the feed. In Internet Explorer click on the “Favorites Center” button (indicated by the upper red circle in the illustration below). Then click on the “Feeds” tab indicated by the lower red circle in the illustration. You should now see a list of feeds to which you have subscribed. If this is your first feed you will only see “All Events–This Month,” or whatever you changed the name of the feed to. Click on the name of the feed and all JJML events for the current month will be displayed in the browser. Click on any one you in which you are interested for more information. From now on, whenever the calendar is updated, your feed will also be automatically updated as well.

JJML's Calendar of Events RSS Subscription Page

Remember, you can view this feed in Internet Explorer regardless of the page you are viewing in the main browser window. After you’re done reading the feed, just click on the browser’s “Back” button to return to the page you were viewing.

By the way, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog (It’s Germane) by clicking on the “Subscribe in a Reader” button above on the right. The process is the same.

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