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So You Want To Learn About Electric Vehicles? – An EV Cheat Sheet

This collection of resources is designed to help you dive deep into the world of electric vehicles (EVs). It includes books that offer historical insights and stories of key players like Tesla, websites like Inside EVs, Electrek, and Clean Technica that provide up-to-date news and articles on the EV industry, and online courses on Coursera and edX for structured learning about EV technology and policies. For easy-listening, there are podcasts like The Energy Gang and Fully Charged Show, which discuss electric cars and renewable energy. Also, you can watch related videos on the Fully Charged Show and Transport Evolved YouTube channels. Enjoy! 


Websites and Blogs:

  • Inside EVs: A comprehensive source for electric vehicle news. This includes updates from the industry, technology reviews, and details about charging infrastructure.
  • Electrek: Electrek provides information and news about electric transportation and renewable energy, with a dedicated section for electric vehicles.
  • Clean Technica: Clean Technica covers the latest developments in clean technology. It offers extensive coverage on electric vehicles and related energy news.

Online Courses:


  • The Energy Gang: This podcast presents a broad spectrum of energy topics, including electric vehicles and renewable energy.
  • Fully Charged Show: A podcast exclusively dedicated to discussing electric vehicles and the future of energy.

YouTube Channels:

  • Fully Charged Show: It offers a variety of content including reviews of electric cars, along with the most recent news and developments in the electric vehicle industry.
  • Transport Evolved: This channel discusses the latest in electric vehicles and the future of transport.

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