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Sag Harbor's Still Making History…

…and JJML wants to help document it. As one of the final events of the Village’s 300th anniversary celebration, the anniversary organizing committee has put together a wonderful program during which participants will document contemporary Sag Harbor, in photos, sketches and more; after which, they will assemble their efforts in one or more final projects, to be determined by the participants. One form the final results might take is a digital archive hosted by JJML and available to the public. To facilitate this, JJML has stepped up and offered the use of their computer equipment and website for this purpose. You can find out more details about this event at on the Sag Hampton blog. The program is open to the public. If you’re interested in participating, come to the Methodist Church on Madison Street, just south of the business district on Saturday, October 13, 2007. Don’t forget you digital camera and/or sketch pad.

And, please visit our website, in the coming weeks to see how the project turns out.

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