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Greetings, Sag Harbor. I hope this finds you safe and well. As Local Content Librarian/Archivist for JJML Local History & Special Collections, I am tasked with the mission to collect and preserve not only Sag Harbor’s past, but also its present, for the researchers of today and those of the future. It is no surprise, then, that this mission has led me to document the history we are all dealing with at the moment.

Since mid-March, I have been actively documenting COVID-19’s impact on Sag Harbor. This has resulted in the John Jermain Memorial Library COVID-19 Sag Harbor Digital Archive. A work-in-progress, I have compiled news stories, social media posts, emails, photographs, videos, and more, from local organizations, businesses, and neighbors. If you have taken photographs, videos, written down your thoughts, etc., and would like to have your story be added to the archive, please reach out to me at Physical paper-based ephemera (take-out menus, flyers, letters, etc.) will gladly be accepted once the building reopens.

This archive is purely for educational and research purposes. All copyright resides with the respective owners.

As our director, Cathy Creedon, has said, “I know that weeks and months and years from now our voices will be remembered.” A sampling of what can be found in the archive is below.

[Featured photo of a sparse Main Street taken by Suzan Smyth, March 20, 2020.]

Admin post from Cindy Ward Capalbo with white text on red heart background. Text reads: "If anyone has neighbors or friends that need help post away. So many great people here to help."
Source: Sag Harbor Helpers Facebook, March 15, 2020
Save Sag Harbor Volunteer Message Board: Helping Each Other Through A Time of Crisis
Source: Save Sag Harbor website on March 19, 2020
Image of Schiavoni's Market Facebook post. Text reads: "Attention Customers! The first hour of Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. will be for senior shoppers only!! 60 and up! Seniors please come and in shop comfortably during this time! All other customers please respect this and come after the allotted time. We appreciate your understanding!"
Source: Schiavoni’s Market Facebook, March 19, 2020
Source: Lilee Fell Flowers Instagram, March 20, 2020
Photograph of Sag Harbor School District sign that reads: "MAR12-APR15 SCHOOL CLOSED. SAG HARBOR STRONG."
Source: Photograph by Andrea Meyer, taken on April 2, 2020
Caption: Adapting....thanks for your emails and calls!!! Keep them coming!! #conciergeshopping #personalservice #yourtoystoreandmore #wharfshop #sagharbortoystore #sagharbor Image shows two handwritten signs on the door of The Wharf Shop. The top sign says: "Closing for 4 weeks per government mandate. Contact Facebook and Instagram: WharfShop. Be safe and healthy! Thanks for your support! Sunday March 22-??" Second handwritten sign says: "Concierge Shopping! Call: 631-725-0420. Email: Gwen will help you shop!"
Source: The Wharf Shop Instagram, April 4, 2020
Photograph of the counter at Grindstone Coffee & Donuts. There is a timer next to the sample sizes of cups with a post-it that reads "Sterilization Timer (Love you)."
Source: Photograph inside Grindstone Donuts & Coffee by Andrea Meyer, taken on April 4, 2020
Caption: Sag harbor #policedonotcross #sagharbor #theamericanhotel 4.5.20 [Image is of black and white photograph of taped-off bench on Main Street, across the street from The American Hotel.]
Source: Valerie Pasquiou Instagram, April 5, 2020

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