Preparing for Hurricane Season

Everyone seems to be getting ready for Henri to make landfall tomorrow, even the library – we’ve brought in all our loose furniture (including the book bike)!  We are charging mobile Wifi hotspots and laptops so that we can be ready to check things out to you even if we are out of power! Don’t forget we can even loan the Wifi hotspots to JJML cardholders who lose internet service.

Most Long Islanders are old hats at getting themselves ready for hurricanes, but if you are new to the area or think you need to double check your preparation list here are a few things to do ahead of the storm and safety reminders during and after the storm. 

Short words of advice from a local:

  • Secure or put away all lose furniture and outdoor items
  • If you have an electric stove – double check the propane for your grill and have extra ready  
  • If you have a well – fill buckets and tubs with water for flushing the toilet, and be sure to have potable water stocked
  • Have ice ready to put inside your coolers (and/or freezers)
  • If you lose electricity – open the fridge door sparingly, it might keep cold for up to 4 hours after losing electricity if sealed 
  • While it’s tempting to drive down to the beach to see the waves – don’t! Flooding water can strand you or wreak havoc with your car, especially when you can’t see potholes
  • Try not to park your car under a tree
  • Go to the library the day before (that would be today!) to stock up on books, and board games (yes we loan those) so you have something to do while the electricity is out

Official sources for hurricane preparedness and news:


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