Please Pardon our Appearance

If you’ve been by the Library over the past couple of days you may have noticed a lot of yellow caution tape. Our geothermal return well’s seal has been breached. Basically, it sprung a very big leak and we need to plug it.

The Good News:
We can fix it. Our Well and Pump Company is working on redeveloping the return well, will install a new seal, and will grout around the well. The water coming from the well is clean water from the ground.

The Not So Good News:
In order to run temporary HVAC in the Library, we have installed a relief hose to the dry well in the Courtyard and had to dig a trench on the Union Street side of the Library. It is not very pretty but it is functional.

The well must be shut down over the weekend as part of the rehabilitation and sealing process. We will not have air conditioning in the building when the well is not running.  Fans and windows will be utilized to keep the Library comfortable. We have canceled the concert with Tennessee Walt, which was scheduled for Sunday afternoon in the Rotunda, due to concerns that the space would be too warm to make listening to the concert comfortable.

The Bad News:
We’ve made a hot mess of traffic on Union Street. We know…and We are very sorry.

In order to complete the necessary rehabilitation and remediation of the Library’s Diffusion well, work trucks will be blocking the road on Union Street. Work will be taking place on Thursday, September 15, Friday, September 16, and Monday, September 19.  We recognize this is a terrible inconvenience and that Union Street is a busy road. The crew has assured us they will work as quickly as possible and have individuals on site to direct traffic.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we address this matter as swiftly as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly at or by calling the Library 631.725.0049.

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