Open Meetings Planned

The Board of Trustees of the John Jermain Memorial Library and the Library Development Committee (LDC), formed by the Board, will begin a series of open meetings to listen to and inform the community as plans for an expanded library move forward, according to Library Board President Greg Ferraris. The first meeting, set for Tuesday, October 24th at 6 p.m. in the library rotunda will discuss the Community Library Committee (CLC) report that has been accepted by the Board. It recommends a two-building solution, with the original building renovated and preserved, and a new building constructed adjacent to Mashashimuet Park.

In addition, Library Trustees and LDC members at the meeting will describe progress to date and seek comments and questions from the community. Some of the issues being discussed by library and design professionals and the LDC are the best functions for the existing historic structure, and the size and character of the new building.

Ferraris and LCD Co-Chair Gail Slevin emphasize that this is only the first of several open meetings that will be held over the next few months as plans develop and new information becomes available. Ferraris says the Board will thoroughly review direction with the community before any referendum regarding funds for the expansion takes place.

The recommendation made to the Board by the Community Library Committee resulted from year-long research, study and discussion by over twenty people from all parts of the Sag Harbor School District. The report can be viewed on the library’s CLC Report Blog ( Printed copies of the 90-page document are available at the library circulation desk. Once the CLC completed its work and the Library Board accepted its report, the Board asked CLC members to join the newly created Library Development Committee to assist the Board in implementing the recommendations.

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