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Open Forum on Design of New Library Building

The Board of Trustees of the John Jermain Memorial Library and the Library Development Committee (LDC), formed by the Board, will host an open forum on Wednesday, Nov. 29th at 6 p.m. in the North Haven Village Hall. They are seeking input from the community on the design of a new building adjacent to Mashashimuet Park which will be part of the two-building expansion recommended to the Board by the Community Library Committee.

Topics discussed will Include:

  • Preliminary site plan for a new building adjacent to the park
  • Conditions affecting the project
  • Design process to be followed
  • Input from the community regarding an appropriate design

LDC Co-Chairs Greg Ferraris and Gail Slevin point out that the building will be important to Sag Harbor’s landscape at the southern entrance to the village. “The primary purpose of the forum is to listen to the community,” say the Co-Chairs. “We hope it will help us understand the community’s opinions on an appropriate design. The architect, assisted by the Board and the LDC design committee, will then develop a solution which will be presented to the community at a later date.”

Before opening the forum to comments from the public, the New Building Sub-Committee and Chris Coy, a partner in BarnesCoy Architects, will show a preliminary site plan, discuss the parameters of the project and review the process they will follow in developing the design. The LDC will also address current trends in library design and discuss its exploration of traffic and parking considerations at the site.

The recommendation made to the board by the Community Library Committee resulted from year-long research, study and discussion by over twenty people from all parts of the Sag Harbor School District. The report can be viewed on the library’s website ( Printed copies of the 90-page document are available at the library circulation desk. Once the CLC completed its work and the Library Board accepted its report, the Board asked CLC members to join the newly created Library Development Committee to assist the Board in implementing the recommendations.

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  1. I’ve served on many committees in the area over the last fifty some odd years and I think this is one of the most important. Maybe I’m the first because I’ve been hear the longest?

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