New Features Added to Library Catalog

A recent upgrade to our catalog software improved the appearance of the search results and added some exciting new features to our catalog including:

  • An alternate Spanish interface — From the County Catalog, users can toggle between the English-language catalog and a new Spanish-language interface.
  • Donations — Patron can now donate to the library via an online form in the catalog. This builds on the same features that allow patrons to pay fines online.
  • Send information about items in our collection via Text Message — The display screen for each item in the catalog will offer users the opportunity to text message the location, title, and call number of an item to any cell phone capable of receiving text messages.
JJML Catlog Page Showing Text-to-Phone Feature
JJML catlog page showing text-to-phone feature.

These new features are in addition to many other recent improvements to the catalog including reader reviews and ratings, sharing via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, tag clouds, and more. For more information about any of these features just ask a member of the library staff next time you’re here.

3 comments on “New Features Added to Library Catalog

  1. When you are in the spanish language catalogue screen, how do you get back to the english language screen for a search for a new item in english?

    1. You click on the link in the same spot that you originally clicked on to go from English to Spanish. Where it said “en Espanol” before, it now says “en Ingles.” Just click on the words “en Ingles.”

  2. There’re a couple of other features of the new library catalogue that have been great to use all Spring and Summer: the “Similar Books” that are noted under Details and the “Tag Cloud”. I really liked the books “Raven Black”, “Crossing Places”, and “Haunted Ground” so when I went to Similar Books under those titles, I was turned on to at least 3 more authors who wrote like that: Erin Hart, S.J Bolton and Val McDermid. Then if you click on any of the words in the Tag Cloud, like archaeology, or Shetland Islands, or folktales, other books come up that I really liked, too. Thanks!

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