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Men's Reading Group?

We would love to offer a reading group for the gentlemen in our community. There has been interest from our patrons. We have no one willing to be the leader. I am more than willing to support any one willing to give it a try. I can get books from the Library System. They provide a list of titles that have been voted most wanted to read.  I can set up using the library space. I just need someone who would be comfortable leading the group. The two groups we have going are very popular and each have developed a loyal following. If interested please call Pat 725-0049 ext. 27 I guarantee you will be glad you did.

2 comments on “Men's Reading Group?

  1. I’d like to suggest a book that’s both non-fiction and a novel-like page-turner, that way readers can discuss the book and the real topic it is about. I just finished a new book, DEFIANCE, by Alex Konanykhin, and it amazed me. This guy was a Russian oligarch in the early 1990s in his 20s, used his $300 million fortune to get Yeltsin elected — while moving into Gorbachev’s house — and soon had 250 security guards including former top KGB bad guys. The KGB guys turned on him, and suddenly we have kidnappings, hair-raisinig escapes and Konanykhin ends up in America with his beautiful wife, only to be arrested by US authorities who want to deport him back to certain death in Russia because of a secret deal the US made with Russia. You can’t make this stuff up!

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