Many Sources for Free e-Books

An iPad and a Kindle Touch
A page listing many sources of free e-Books for iPads, Kindles and other readers is now available on our website.

Demand for e-Books is growing exponentially in libraries and bookstores nationwide, and John Jermain is no exception. Our response to the demand has been to offer our patrons access to the county-wide Live-brary download system. Additionally, we’ve purchased our own e-readers, loaded them up with a variety of fiction, non-fiction and classic titles, and made them available to patrons to borrow in the same way one would borrow a print book.

Since we’ve started offering e-books to our patrons, an ever-increasing amount of our materials budget has been reallocated to meet the demand for digital books. Nevertheless, with demand as high as it is, and with some publishers being unwilling to make e-books available to libraries, we realize that sometimes getting a copy of an e-book that you want to read may require a bit of patience while you wait for a downloadable copy, or a library e-reader to become available.

What to do?

In order to help you fill the gap with some interesting reading while you wait for that recent bestseller you’re dying to read, we’ve assembled a list of websites that offer downloads of free e-books. The total number of books available runs well into six figures. Of course, these aren’t best sellers; most are either classics, out-of-print titles, or works by lesser-known and emerging authors. However, with hundreds of thousands of titles available, we think that there is something in these collections that will be of interest to just about everyone.

The list of websites offering free e-book downloads is on our main website at You can link directly to those sites from there and begin downloading immediately.

Happy e-Reading!

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