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John Jermain is now offering “Plaza-Pickup” of library materials including inter-library loans and reserves, grab-and-go services, and limited browsing by appointment. We look forward to providing more on-site services soon; in the meantime our online resources, e-books, remote programs, and reference services are still available. Call 631.725.0049 x0 for more information, or email info@johnjermain.org We look forward to seeing you!

Sag Harbor COVID-19 Archive

The Sag Harbor COVID-19 Archive is a source for our community near and far, for researchers of today and the future. It is a real-time documentation of how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the Sag Harbor community, and as such, is a work in progress. At this time, the format is purely digital, and includes news stories, social media posts, emails, photographs, videos, and more, from local organizations, businesses, and neighbors. It is researched and compiled by Rebecca Grabie, JJML Local Content Librarian & Archivist. Compilation began on March 14, 2020. All copyright belongs to the respective owners. This is a purely educational resource. More background information can be found at our blog.

We want to hear from you! Please contribute photographs, videos, stories, poems, journal entries, thoughts and more.

 COVID-19 Archive Submission Form

Physical material directly related to COVID-19’s impact on Sag Harbor, such as journals, signs, takeout menus, flyers, and other ephemera, will be carefully reviewed and accepted once the library building reopens. Please contact rgrabie@johnjermain.org with any questions.

Be well, stay safe, stay home.

[Featured photo of an empty Main Street taken by Andrea Meyer on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 6:30pm.]

Tips for Using the Archive

Search: You can search words, such as masks, library, business, and results will appear. Please note that searching terms like library will not include results for libraries. To get all results, search librar.

Browse: You can browse by Date and Source by clicking the dropdown boxes. You can also arrange the Date column chronologically from newest to oldest by clicking “Date” at the top of the column. You can arrange the Source column alphabetically by clicking “Source” at the top of the column.

Source vs. Archived Source: Source is the publisher of the material and its original URL, as it looks right now. Archived Source is the link to the source as it looked on the day it was published. As websites change, the original source may not work or may not accurately portray what was originally published.