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Little Free Library?  Maybe….

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our “Little Free Library.”  With its installation last April, we joined an international network of more than 100,000  of these curbside boxes, that look like schools or barns or little fairy houses, and are mostly (although not always)  filled with what I would ask the fairies for: more books.

Last month, in the early days of our PAUSE-mandated closure, we kept our LFL stocked with an ever-changing selection of materials. Most mornings, it would be empty again. Sometimes, I would get an email for more mysteries, or romance novels because a patron wanted to stop by on their way home from Main Street.

A few weeks ago, the books were joined by packets from our JJML “Seed Library”—an innovative free-exchange of flower and vegetable seeds, coordinated by my colleague Rita Skerys. Surely, there has been no better time than now to think about planting a garden or window box.

And so, I had planned to write this week about Rita’s initiative—as well as to celebrate the memory of Shana Conron, to whom our LFL is dedicated.  Like Rita, Shana was a master gardener, as well a brave and intrepid reader.  She was also an early advocate for the restoration of John Jermain, a generous mentor to me, and a tough critic of my sometimes ill-considered, but always enthusiastic, missteps during the construction project. As I’ve written before, I have a collection of her scarves that I wear whenever I feel the need for a little jolt of Shana’s class. As of now, I’ve resisted the urge to re-make them into face masks.  

I will also resist the urge to tell you that both books and seeds are there, waiting for us to come back.  Until that day, check out a free e-book on gardening or read a gardening magazines available through Flipster.  Because, as Shana frequently told me in the early and difficult years of the building project: no matter what, we can always dream.

Catherine Creedon, Director

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