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Library in Bloom

Look at these flowers! Yesterday my colleague Rita, of the green thumb, sent this picture of the lawn at John Jermain.  I have been walking back and forth past this spot since we closed the building in March, more or less aware that we have sheltered-in-place through the bare gardens of late winter to this week’s many shades of green.  Usually my mind is been so focused on my “to-do” list as I enter the building, and the “still to-do” as I leave, that I’ve missed all evidence of the changing seasons; I’m grateful for this reminder to stop, if even for a moment, to appreciate our bluebells.

These flowers were planted in late summer of 2016, just a few weeks after our joyful return to a restored JJML. I maybe planted one or two bulbs (maybe) but the bulk of the work was done by Rita, and our then colleagues Kathleen Comber and Susann Farrell.

Kathleen, a Pierson graduate who worked at JJML while completing her Masters in Library Science, is now the librarian for the Springs School—I am lucky enough to still have the opportunity to speak with her and learn from her thoughtful approach to the profession.

And Susann, who passed away three years ago this month, is with us always.  We can’t ask her for advice, but not a week goes by without someone wondering, “What would Susann do?” as we try to channel her joyful approach to, well to everything.

They are two among the many librarians who have brought their passion to John Jermain, now including Jaime Mott, also a Pierson graduate, who today finishes her Masters in Library Science (I think it may be her third advanced degree….).  Her graduation from SUNY Buffalo will be virtual, but my congratulations are real: Brava Jaime!

We don’t know exactly when the bluebells will flower next spring but, in the way of bulbs, there will be more of them. And we don’t know exactly what the months ahead will hold, but Jaime, Rita, and the rest of the staff are already planning programs and getting things in place for our reopening, and we hope to have some dates in place in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out our remote offerings, and let us know how the library can help while we wait for change together.  And this fall, we’ll plant more flowers.

Catherine Creedon, Director

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