The Library is Open! To protect patrons who cannot get vaccinated, we request that you continue to wear masks and social distance when inside the library and at all in-person programs.


Kids Book Bundles

Tell us a bit about your child and what they like to read, and we’ll put together a bundle of items that you can pick up at the library. Please allow 3 business days for your books to be ready. The library will email you when your Book Bundle is ready for pick-up. Your books will be held at the library for up to 5 business days after you are notified via email before being put back on the shelf.

  • If you have it, giving us your library card number speeds up the process of finding your patron record on our end.
  • Check all that apply. If you choose more than one format, we will include a mix of items.
  • For example, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dinosaurs, Trains, Math, Science, Knitting etc. Or, tell us about what books, shows, or movies they've loved recently, and we'll take it from there!