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Keynote Session at CIL (Computers in Libraries) Conference

From the keynote session:

Here’s the first thing I learned: is a funny site

Fact #2: 73% of American adults use the Internet; 93% of American teenagers use the Internet.

#3: The number of people who access the Internet from libraries has doubled in the last three years.

#4: 55% of teenagers have created their own profile on a social networking site like MySpace. Only 20% of adults have such profiles. The good news is that most teenagers are aware of online dangers and have learned to protect themselves, and limit their online exposure.

#5: 39% of online teens have published their own creative work online.

#6: About 1/3 of teens provide tech support for their families.

#7: 44% of young adults internet users seek information on at Wikipedia sites. Many of these are college students, but thye, at least, are aware that this information needs to be confirmed by other sources.

#8: Millions of people participate in “grid” computing projects: measuring climate change, testing drug molecules to fight aids, etc. (Explanation: they allow their computer’s processing power to be shared (when they’re not using it) over the Internet by scientists engaged in complex research projects.)

Interesting prediction #1: 20 years from now, a Supreme Court nominee will be questioned by a Senate confirmation panel committee regarding information found in her Facebook account.

There was, of course, much more of interest, but it’s hard to pay attention and type at the same time. Hopefully, I’ll get better at it as the conference continues.

All statistics provided by the conference keynote speaker, Lee Rainie, Director Pew Internet and American Life Project

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