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Join Us in Sage Commons

Libraries provide access to information and entertainment. Traditionally, this access has been in the form of books, DVDs and CDs that we loan to our patrons. However, we are very aware that the distribution model for information and entertainment is changing rapidly, and so we must change too. We have already made many things available for download through our website, and have been writing this blog since 2006, but these are only a few steps along a much longer path taking us fully into the digital age.

Beginning today, we also will be sharing useful and/or interesting information and entertainment from various online sources through our pages on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, as well as here at It’s Germane. First up are a pair of videos from dealing with copyright and creativity — issues that are key to any library’s mission. Links to these videos can be found on our Facebook page. Please be aware that the opinions expressed in these videos are not necessarily those of the John Jermain Memorial Library. However, they are interesting, even fascinating points of view.

This process of finding and sharing information from online sources is part of a larger online effort on which we are embarking that will, over time, include many new and, we hope, innovative uses of technology that further the mission of JJML. We are dubbing this online initiative Sage Commons, in honor of Margaret Sage, the original benefactor of this library. Our plan is for Sage Commons eventually to grow into its own area on our website in addition to the various posts here and on the other social networking sites where we have a presence.

Most of all, we hope that Sage Commons, will be a two-way dialog between the library staff and the public. We are anxious to hear what you have to say about the items we share, and the issues they address, and hope you will share your thoughts in the comments area here or on Facebook. In this regard, please feel free to link to other videos or web-based articles on related topics in your comments, or on our Facebook wall.

One caveat is necessary, however. Please be aware that this blog and our Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr pages are intended to provide a limited (or designated) public forum to facilitate the sharing of ideas, opinions and information about library-related subjects and issues. Comments are moderated by library staff and the library reserves the right to remove comments that are unlawful or off topic.

Do you like this idea? Have questions, comments or suggestions? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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