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Jan-Feb 2020 Newsletter

We made a big change with 2020… we went digital! Printed newsletters are available at the library, but will no longer be mailed out. Instead, we encourage everyone to join our email list, to get the digital library newsletter sent directly to your inbox.
Now, you can zoom in as you like when reading the newsletter, and click on interactive links to bring you to straight to a program’s registration page (click on the underlined text- those are the hyperlinks). You’ll also notice links to other sections of the newsletter. Do you just want to skip to the Adult programs section? Just click on the “Adults” link in the Table of Contents to jump right there!
Don’t forget to use the “full screen mode” icon (the four arrows) to maximize your viewing screen. Check out more navigating tips below!


Need help navigating?

Here’s the run down of the shortcuts you can take with the new newsletter!

Following Links: Linked text will be underlined. Tap or click this text to be brought to the link. Programs requiring registration will link to the registration page in the program title, or in the case of programs with multiple dates, the dates themselves. 

Zoom: Click the icon with the four arrows to view the newsletter full screen. You can also zoom in and out using the slider bar in the bottom right of the pdf viewer. 

Download: Click the download icon to download the newsletter to your computer. Then you can access it even when you’re not online. It’s a big file though, so be patient!

Share: Use the people icon to share the newsletter via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

Navigate: Use the navigator icon to get a small menu of the different pages, easily letting you jump around the newsletter. 

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