Exciting Changes Come to Suffolk Wave

A number of new services will become available on Suffolk Wave on Monday, December 15th. They include:

MP3 Audiobooks
MP3 Audiobooks do not have DRM – Digital Rights Management – and therefore can be transferred to a wide range of devices, including the iPod®, iPhone™, iPod Touch and Microsoft Zune. You still will be expected to comply with the accepted agreement to delete items from their computers and devices after the 7 day loan period. Not all audiobooks are in MP3 format. Those that are not cannot be downloaded to the iPod family of devices.

OverDrive Media Console for the Mac
Suffolk Wave MP3 Audiobooks can now be downloaded to Macs where they can be played and transfered to MP3 devices. MP3 Audiobooks can also be accessed from the patron’s iTunes software.

A collection of fiction and light non-fiction titles in the Adobe and Mobipocket eBook formats has been added to the collection. These are downloadable text-only books. You can read them on your PC or handheld device (with a screen), but you cannot listen to them.

My Wish List
Suffolk Wave users can now add titles to a personal list for later consideration.

If you like this title, you might also like…
Another new feature is a book-jacket display of suggested titles based on genre, subject and/or author and relating the the book you are currently viewing on Suffolk Wave.

Don’t forget these features are not available until December 15, 2008.  Click here to visit Suffolk Wave now.

2 comments on “Exciting Changes Come to Suffolk Wave

  1. itunes has books downloaded from suffolk wave but I have been unsuccessful in receiving them on my ipod. Please help me I have been trying for four days to accomplish this task.

    thanking you in advance
    Jean Neubauer

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