Election/Voting Information Available on NYS Library Site

From NYLINE (New York Librarys Information Network:

Now you can find all the information you need about elections in New
York State on a new page of the New York State Library’s web site.
“Selected New York State Election Websites,” a page of links relating to
elections and election-related topics can be accessed from the State
Library’s web site at www.nysl.nysed.gov.  Point to “Hot Topics:
Election Websites under “What’s New” in the bottom right hand corner of
the Library’s main page or go directly to

The websites on the page cover federal, state, and local
representatives; New York State newspapers; political and citizen
groups; New York-based public opinion polls; and more.  You can learn
about how Federal Campaign Finance Laws are administered and enforced,
find out about the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and its role in
regulating federal elections, learn how to register to vote, identify
your State representatives, view election district maps from the NYS
Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Apportionment,
connect to your local county to find notice of county government
meetings, and link to other important information about elections and
the election process.

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