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School Assignment Assistance

We are always here to help teachers and their students. So that we can be as effective as possible, we are offering this School Assignment Assistance form to teachers. Please complete the form before assigning research projects to your students. Once we receive the form, we will prepare a list of materials available in our library and in other county libraries that fit your assignment requirements. One week's advance notice will be very much appreciated.

Bring Your Class to the Library,
Or Bring a Librarian to Your Classroom

We would love to have your class visit the John Jermain Memorial Library. Our staff is available to help students with their research. We also do presentations on information literacy, primary source documentation, database research, or other topics as required. If a library visit is not possible, we would also be happy to come to your classroom and assist in any way possible. For more information, or to schedule a visit, please contact Susann Farrell, Head of Youth Services at 725-0049 ext. 30 or

School Assignment Assistance Form
Your Name
School Name
No. of Students
Assigment Title
Please describe your assignment. The more information we have about what the students are looking for, the more helpful we can be.
Type of resources that may be used (check all that apply):
   Books   Newspapers/Magazines   Websites
   Library Databases   Reference Materials
Date by which students need the requested materials
Date the assignment must be completed by students
Minimum pages required for reading assignments
What form will the finished product take? (check all that apply)
   Paper   Bibliography   Art Project   Oral Pesentation  Other
Is this an assignment you plan on giving annually? Yes    No