A Needle in a Haystack

Earlier this week , Library Director Catherine Creedon presented “Needle in a Haystack,” an hour-long class on finding what you’re looking for on the Internet (which can be a daunting prospect even for experienced web surfers). This well attended class was a big hit and will be repeated in March. (Check the Library’s online calendar, or JJML newsletter for the exact date. Update: Catherine’s class will be repeated on Wednesday, April 9th, and a new Part II — about using online reference tools, such as JJML’s Virtual Reference Library will be presented on Wednesday, April 30th. Both classes run from 8:45 to 9:45 a.m.

Sometimes, though, you just find something wonderful on the Internet simply through serendipity…I went here, I clicked there, and boom, there it was. Just such a thing happened to me today, and I thought, I’ve just found a needle in a haystack! So in honor of Catherine’s class, and just because I thought you all should have a chance to see it, I’m posting the short film I found on YouTube here. It’s called Love in a Backwards World. Enjoy!


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