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Time Seems to Flow in Every Direction

After 28 days of remote service, my colleagues and I have settled into a kind of rhythm, even if it is not quite what we were expecting.  A river of emails has taken the place of break-room conversations and desk-side innovations. We’ve had a few digital stumbles but, for the most part, we are adjusting and adapting. Thank you to all who have reached out to let me know about the problems, or to contribute to our digital archive. Thanks as well to all who have asked about my colleagues. We miss you too! And we are all well!

Our weekly all-staff Zoom meetings are a chance for us to “see” everyone in the library team, to share legislative updates and policy changes, and hear news about the community.  It’s also a chance to experience a little bit of break-room vibe with less formal conversations about pets (who knew there were so many JJML felines!)  and the books we are reading, including Silmarillion for our new online book club.

We have also talked about missed celebrations, vacations not taken, the quiet grief of a honeymoon and graduation postponed, and holidays where we’ve brought tradition and commitment to our not-quite laden tables. Somehow, this weekly check-in has become my touchstone in an era where time seems to flow in any direction it wants to. When I hear the 18 voices of my co-workers, I feel that I, too, could break out in song

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