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Give-Away Books Mailed Directly to You

The Suffolk County Library System is making a number of their surplus books available to patrons of member libraries.   Books will be mailed – free of charge – directly to patrons via USPS.  Patrons will be mailed a package of two books from various genres including Mystery, Science Fiction, non-fiction, etc. –  and a potluck surprise.  A number of large print books are also available. There is a limited supply of books which will be mailed on a strictly first come first served basis.

If you are interested in receiving a pack of two books via USPS please email us asap at and let us know which genre you prefer.

Please keep in mind that this is an extremely limited opportunity with only enough books for the first patrons who apply.

1 comment on “Give-Away Books Mailed Directly to You

  1. I’d love any Pierce Brown – Red Rising series or similar science fiction with space travel or future utopia (not virus Armageddon or Fantasy)
    My daughter loves young adult mystery and Stephen King thrillers that are quick reads.
    And the other child loves all spiritual after life research self help type books. Also gardening, food growing, art, crafts, woodworking stuff.
    Thanks in advance if we get anything at all. Miss you guys!!

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