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Under the Wide and Starry Sky, by Nancy Horan

Under the Wide and Starry Sky, By Nancy Horan
Under the Wide and Starry Sky, By Nancy Horan

I grabbed up this audiobook, hoping that it would be as compelling as the book Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan.  This historical novel was fascinating as it tracked the lives of Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne Stevenson and Robert Louise Stevenson.  The travels, tragedies, illnesses and pure adventure of their lives held amazing ups and downs,  all through which they continually re-confirmed their devotion and faith in each other.  While I did enjoy this book, it felt a bit repetitive to me having recently read the author’s first novel.  Both novels visited many of the same themes: love affairs, soul mates, adultery, travel as escape and inspiration, creative processes, and the ever present urge to leave a lasting legacy.  Don’t miss this if you enjoyed Loving Frank or The Paris Wife.

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