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It's Germane

On Such a Full Sea, by Chang-rae Lee

On Such a Full Sea, by Chan-rae Lee
On Such a Full Sea, by Chan-rae Lee

Since I read a lot of fantasy and futuristic stories, I fully expected to love this book.  The story is based in a futuristic Baltimore, where Chinese immigrants were brought in to form a new social order and push out the “natives.”  It is beautifully written with an exceptional use of language (I needed my dictionary more than once).  The story is very compelling once it begins to grab you, and I can see that it would translate very well into a movie. However, it took a huge amount of effort on my part to really get into the story.  It was slow to start and uses an awkward third person perspective to tell the tale.  The author expects the reader to work for the reward of a very unexpected ending.  If you are looking for a challenge this one’s for you!

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