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Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer

Cover image for Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer
Scarlet , by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet is the second in a fast paced action adventure science fiction series (The Lunar Chronicles) that as its roots loosely based in the Cinderella and Red Riding Hood fairy tales.  The story diverges from the first book, Cinder, by introducing the story line of Scarlet, a compelling and headstrong heroine.  Alternating chapters visit the various perspectives of  Scarlet, Cinder,  emperor Kai and Wolf.  Following the threads of each story, the reader is lead down the paths of two converging tales which are incomplete without each other.   As Scarlet seeks  answers to the mysterious disappearance of her Grand-mere, she uncovers the strange circumstances that surround Cinder’s early life and encounters a dangerous genetically engineered gang with wolf like qualities.  Cinder is on the run from the authorities after breaking out of  jail and fleeing the emperor, to seek the answers that might explain why she has no memories of her early life.  Scarlet and Cinder are forced to  grapple with elements of truth, betrayal and trust.  This was a truly enjoyable story that leaves the reader hanging for more in the next installment.

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