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2012 Library Budget Passes

On Tuesday evening with all votes counted, JJML’s 2012 operating budget won approval from Sag Harbor’s voters by a margin of 259 to 98.

“We are extremely gratified that 73% of the voting public voiced their support of the library’s program with a yes vote on our budget,” said Library Director Catherine Creedon. “It is a symbol of the kind of support we have at this library, even in this economy and will enable us to truly meet the needs of our community.”

With a total of 380 voters, this election had the highest turnout since Creedon took the reigns as director in 2007.

In addition to passing the budget, voters also elected two new trustees to the Library Board: Ann Leiber and Toby Spitz. They also reelected incumbent trustee Jackie Brody. Incumbent trustee, Craig Rhodes, who was forced to run as a write-in candidate because his candidacy petition was not submitted on time, failed to win reelection. Long-time trustee and former board president Christiane Neuville was prohibited from running again due to term limits. Lieber received the most votes with 252, followed by Brody who earned 228. Spitz collected 184 votes, earning the last seat on the board. Rhodes trailed with 173 votes.

“It’s going to be tough,” said Creedon, commenting on Rhode’s defeat. “All of our candidates were good candidates with established commitments to this library. That said, Craig had the most personal experience with architecture and building as well as with the library board. He has been a mentor to all of us during this building project process, and after recently receiving our final approvals, we really saw the affects of his hard work come to fruition.”

Creedon went on to congratulate Lieber, Brody and Spitz, and to welcome Lieber and Spitz to the Library’s Board of Trustees. They will take their seats at the Board’s first meeting in January, 2012.

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