2011 Operating Budget Passes

The Trustees and staff of the John Jermain Memorial Library thank the Sag Harbor community for passing our 2011 Operating Budget by a vote of 195-51. We are all deeply grateful for the continued support of our community, especially in these difficult economic times.

In addition to passing the operating budget, voters also elected four trustees. Re-elected to three-year terms were trustees Carl Peterson and Carol Williams. Newly elected to a full three-year term was Lynley Whelan. And, as a write-in candidate, Jackie Brody was elected to complete the term of retired Trustee, Tippy Ameres.

The staff of JJML Congratulates all the elected candidates, and extends a warm welcome to our new trustees.

4 comments on “2011 Operating Budget Passes

  1. Great that the budget passed. Congratulations to all the reelected and new trustees . Thank you to all the board, director and staff of the J.J. Library who all work with such dedication.
    Nada Barry

  2. Thank you, Nada. And thank you to all who braved the rain and leaks and power outages to vote yesterday–the library was filled with laughter and warm wishes despite the gloomy weather!

  3. I am so glad they all got elected to the Board and that the Budget passed..It is the first time I'[ve missed voting in my life here in town I think but I waited around all day for my furnance man to come (finally at 4:30 and then it was wet and rainy and I couldnt face it and hoped that all other good friends (not havingto use a cane)came out and they did ..what a relief …I would have felt like a bad Friend if we’d lost and that all those members had not been elected…glad to see two new members who volunteered to serve. I recently visted the Bridgehampton Library and hope ours witll look as good but know we will….happy for you all!

  4. Thank you Dorothy for your kind words! I, too, am looking forward to the day when our library project is completed and you will be able to easily enter through our doors–cane or no; rain or no! In the meantime, please let us know if you need anything from us–we are happy to come to you, or to any of our patrons, bearing books, DVDs, CDs, and even a laptop to provide you with reference services from your home. Call me at 631.725.0049×23 for the details.
    All Best wishes,
    Catherine Creedon, Director

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