The Building is Closed; the Library is open.

We have begun to un-PAUSE!  “Plaza-Pickup” of library material begins on Tuesday, June 16. In the meantime, our online resources, e-books, remote programs, and reference services are still available. Need a library card?  Apply online!

It's Germane

Fundraising on Facebook

The following message was thought up and  posted on Facebook yesterday by a person not affiliated with the library (although a library staff member may have pushed things along, a bit — at her request).

Help John Jermain Memorial Library raise $100,000 by Friday. Do your part to make Sag Harbor’s library expansion happen! Make your donation at and post this in your newsfeed.

We love seeing the community getting involved in our renovation and expansion project. After all, it’s been a community-driven and supported project from the start. It’s Germane enthusiastically endorses this fundraising effort.

You can use the “Donate Now” button at left to join this effort, and don’t forget to post on Facebook and/or Twitter. Seeing this go viral, at least locally, would be really exciting.

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