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Governor Spitzer’s Budget Hearing March 2nd

Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. was kind enough to invite me to attend a budget hearing on Governor Spitzer’s proposed 2007-2008 State Budget.  I will be making a brief presentation on the satisfying aspects of funding for libraries in the proposed budget.  Importantly for John Jermain, Governor Spitzer plans to offer an unprecedented amount of library construction aid. While public libraries in New York are still funded at a low level (compared with other public agencies, inflation, etc), we are always hopeful that the Governor and our legislators will perceive the vital importance of public libraries in today’s world.

Library directors can pinch pennies like no one else, but we would love to have a fair and deserved number of pennies from the State with which to improve our services.  Wish me luck!

Your advocate,      Allison Gray, Director

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