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(Used) Computers for Sale

We have two (Dell) computers that we recently removed from service that we are making available to the public for a nominal charge. We had three, but one has already sold.

While they’re not even close to state-of-the-art, they are serviceable. If you don’t currently have a computer, and purchasing a new one is not in the cards right now, you could get by with one of these for a while. They’re just fine for word processing (wordprocessing software not included), e-mail and Internet browsing.

The cost of the computer, with a keyboard and mouse is $30. Except for the operating system (Windows 98), there is no other software installed on the computers. We also have one 17″ and one 15″ monitor available for $20 and $15 respectively. If you buy either monitor with a computer, will take $5.00 off. So, you could walk away with a complete, old but working  computer setup for as little as $40.00.

We have two used printers, one inkjet and one laser, for sale cheap, too. Complete specs and prices for all the equipment are available at the library, or by calling Eric at 725-0049, extension 37.

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