The Building is Closed; the Library is open.

We have begun to un-PAUSE!  “Plaza-Pickup” of library material begins on Tuesday, June 16. In the meantime, our online resources, e-books, remote programs, and reference services are still available. Need a library card?  Apply online!

It's Germane

First Floor Closed for 3 days (Update: 4 days)

If you’ve been to the library either yesterday or today, you will undoubtedly have noticed that the first floor is closed to the public (and staff, too). Due to a particularly noxious flood, we have had to evacuate and let a professional cleaning crew have the run of the place for the last two days. This will continue tomorrow (Thursday, August 17th) and Friday, August 18th as well. The cleaning crew is using some heavy duty disinfectant and special machines that will remove all bacteria from the room.

During this time, of course, there have been and will continue to be no public computers available for adults. The young adult and children’s computers on the second floor continue to be available as is our free WiFi Internet access on the third floor for those who bring their own laptop computers. Other items that are not available during this time are magazines, newspapers, (except the current day, which is avaialble), all fiction books (including new fiction), biography, new non-fiction, DVDs, VHS tapes, and books on tape and CD. We regret this inconvenience, and look forward to welcoming you to a clean and germ-free 1st floor on Friday, August 18th Saturday, August 19th.

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